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Foot and Wax

Foot Roflexology

Waxing Encino

   Experience relaxation , pain reduction of tired feet,

improvementin blood flow, better mental health done

through massaging certain acupressure points on

your feet. $50 30min.


Foot Detox Bath

best waxing encino

   You are exposed to toxins (heavy metals, fat, organic matter

and metabolic waste) when you eat, breathe and in the

environment. The main function of the bath is to control and

regulate the polarity of the ions by removing toxins from our

body. Benefits: Improved sleep and immunity, decreased

blood pressure and sugar, reduce inflammation and pain ,

cure Athlete’s feet and fungal nail and increases energy.$60


Waxing Services

Waxing Encino CA

  our wax is the one and  only all natural made of sugar,

lemon and water. it is safe and effective with easy

clean-up and no side effects.

Eyebrow : $25

Chest : $40 & up

Full Face : $30

Stomach Line : $7

Chin : $10 Full

Stomach: $30

Upper Lip: $10

Bikini :$30

Under Arm: $20

Brazilian Bikini : $50

Half Arm : $25

Half leg : $30

Full Arm : $28

Full Leg with Bikini : $60

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